HK Law Tutors™ is authentic. While there are similarly named copycat sites, where the videos, language or content may sound or look similar to HKLawTUTOR™, we are the original pioneer in providing this bespoke and excellent quality service, which has taken us a great deal of hard work to produce.

Special Features

Easy Scheduling

Do tutorials take place according to the Hong Kong time zone?
We schedule tutorials between 10am and 10pm (HKT). So if you are based in the United
Kingdom the latest tutorial would finish at 3pm (GMT) 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Adult Students

Tailor made

HKLawTutor™ tutors law students at a law school in the United Kingdom and Hong Konglaw students. The tutorials will meet your universities course syllabus requirements.


Does HKLawutors™ cater to United Kingdom law students and Hong Kong law students?

Yes, HKLawTutors™ tutors law students at a law school in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong law students. The tutorials will meet your universities course syllabus requirements

What times are tutorials?

Please click through to our Book Online page to schedule a tutorial.

Do you tailor your classes?

Yes, the tutorials are designed to meet students learning needs, in which you can raise any questions that you have. The tutorial may cover everything from full courses to examination answers and techniques, to specific topics that students requested.

Do you have a minimum number of hours that I need to book for a tutorial?

Yes, you must book a minimum of 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for a tutorial. The law is a complex subject and we need at least 90 minutes to start seeing results.

Where are tutorial classes taught?

They are conducted live on Skype. That means you can do a session in any location you want and you do not need to waste time on travel to and from a classroom or office. You can download Skype to your computer by clicking the link below.

Skype Download

How many tutorials will I need?

We can tailor the tutorials to cover the topics you wish to cover within the time frame you have in mind. We provide an evaluation of the minimum number of hours required based on the initial complimentary consultation.

Do you provide notes?

Yes, HKLawTutor™ will provide handouts including, notes, articles, and cases as appropriate.

How many tutorials will I need a week?

It depends on what depth you need to cover topics and questions.

How do I prepare for the tutorials?

We wish to give the best value for our students so it is recommended that you send HKLawTutor any materials that you want to discuss in the tutorial in advance, including past papers or questions. Sometimes we will set mock exams and questions for you, which we will mark and discuss in the tutorial.

Do you offer marked mock examinations as part of your tutorials?

Yes, we do. According to the individual requirements of each student.

Can you help me assess whether I should appeal from exam results?

Yes, we can do an assessment for you.

How much are tutorials?

We will give you a quote by email based on your requirements.

Do you charge for preparation time for tutorials?

No, we do not charge you for it. There is a lot of research and preparation that goes into each tutorial, however we only charge for face time, so you are getting really good value.

When should I pay?

HKLawTutor™ will send out an invoice which you should pay at least two days before the tutorial.

How do I pay?

1.  HSBC (Hong Kong) bank transfer or deposit.  Bank account details will be provided on your e-invoice after booking; or
2. Paypal. You can pay by Paypal, once you get your e-invoice, you can click on the "Buy Now" button to pay.

3. We accept Bitcoin payments based on the exchange rate found on

Can I cancel or postpone a session?

Once you have booked a time slot then the tuition fee is non-refundable. You can postpone a tutorial, but you need to give two days advance.

Can I have a trial session?

Yes, you can have a 15-minute trial consultation session for free, which we can get to know about your needs and outline to you the tutorials.

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