HKLawTutor™ is quick! We only need a 90-minute tutorial session, to work quickly together through major topics and past papers, to start seeing results for your legal studies. To cover a subject usually takes 10 hours or less (excluding bar admission courses), which would be studied for one academic year at university.

Tutoring Services

HKLawTutor™ is your gateway to a successful career in the legal profession. We are proud to deliver first class tutorial services and legal career consulting. You can choose between one-to-one tutoring (or consulting sessions) and small group tutorial sessions for the following:

Academic Courses

Grade boosting: We've had students who have failed LLB subjects who we've helped get 2:1 's on re-sits.

LLB Tuition

JD Tuition

PCLL Conversion Exam Tuition

Graduate Entry LLB Tuition

CPE Tuition

Tutorial Services

HKLawtutor™ is affordable and delivers tailored tutorials, which are examination and coursework focused tutoring, including grade-boosting exam techniques and strategies, as well as coursework support. A tailored tutorial may consist of:

Student Writing

Exam Preparation

  • Marked Mock Exam Questions

  • Topic Discussion

  • Seminar Preparation

  • Essay / Coursework Feedback

  • Q&A

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